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Another scam of Umarkets! Why should we be afraid?

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Перевод Статьи: Another scam of Umarkets! Why should we be afraid?Français Another scam of Umarkets! Why should we be afraid?Русский

Umarkets offers to increase earnings for the reporting period. The company specializes in market trading with a variety of investment products. It allows its clients to enrich themselves on commodities, stocks, currency pairs, digital coins, or precious metals. A registered player can use a convenient platform, but before replenishing the account, it is recommended to carefully study the project. In this review, we will tell you how Umarkets actually works and whether it is worth joining the firm.
Umarkets Broker Trading Platform

Brokerage Project Analysis

Umarkets attracts customers through a beautiful, but rather templated website. Here you can find a brief description of trading conditions, accounts, and some platforms. It’s easy enough to get in touch with a brand representative by phone or email. At the same time, there is no online chat on the portal. The company does not showcase licenses, which is a clear sign of fraud. Its activities are not controlled by anyone, and therefore you should not believe in stories about safety and reliability.
The company calls itself a developing leader in the global financial market. It offers its clients the most up-to-date trading information. The project team brings together the best specialists in the industry. They are ready to provide advice at any time of the day. A market player can execute trades on proven and user-friendly platforms.
Trading conditions of the brokerage project
Umarkets names the advantages that distinguish it from most competitors:

  1. Confidence in results. The company has been operating in global markets for more than 10 years and has a wealth of experience.
  2. Expert-led transactions. The exchange intermediary provides high-quality analytics, trading forecasts, and strategies from specialists.
  3. High-tech for efficient trading. The market player will always be one step ahead, using patented tools and the best technological developments.
  4. The support team stays in touch 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

The project appeared on the international market in 2008. At the moment, it positions itself as a fast-growing brokerage company. It provides a wide range of services to banks, hedge funds, investors, and traders. The project is gradually expanding its influence to the countries of Latin America and Asia. He describes great prospects for cooperation, but these claims need to be verified.
xCritical Trading Terminal

What are the conditions for trading?

The company strives to meet the needs of all traders, regardless of their preferences. It has developed 4 pricing plans for market players of different professional levels. You will need only 500 US dollars to start. The “Mini” account allows you to start with a relatively small amount and carry out real transactions in international markets. The higher the deposit, the lower the commissions and spreads.
A registered client receives a calculator and an economic calendar. He is provided with the latest news reports, which allow him to make a quick fundamental analysis. Specialists regularly publish analytics. The data obtained will help the market player to make informed investment decisions.
Trading with Umarkets Broker

Characteristics of Umarkets Working Platforms

The client gets the xCritical terminal at his disposal. This is a convenient trading tool that has long been appreciated by European traders. The Umarkets platform has several features:

  • More than 170 investment products are provided.
  • It is possible to form your own portfolio.
  • Built-in technical advisor.
  • Competent risk management with the help of limit orders is provided.
  • Built-in live chat support.
  • History of previous trades for strategy analysis.

The exchange intermediary describes the numerous advantages of its terminal, but before starting a full-fledged trading activity, it is worth analyzing its reputation. If there are complaints about fraud on the network, then it is better to refuse to replenish the account.
Customer Reviews of Umarkets

What kind of reviews do they write about the company?

Umarkets managers are adept at deceiving traders. They look for potential customers on dating sites. Cute girls begin confidential communication, after which they talk about a profitable option for enrichment. They offer to join the project, describing a professional team of analysts and promising trading. After a few transactions, the client’s start-up capital is drained, and the fraudsters take away all the invested funds.
The broker refuses to withdraw funds
The firm is actively calling potential investors. Employees do not understand rejection, imposing their services. After replenishing the account, brand representatives do not allow you to withdraw money. Despite the verification and submission of the relevant application, the client cannot return the lost funds.
What Do Customers Say About Umarkets?
The exchange intermediary offers a great opportunity to make money. Many traders are persuaded to lose their deposit. The office does not make withdrawals and does not respond to client requests in any way. Umarkets is a scammer who persuades people to replenish their accounts for a large amount of money and scams people with their last money.
What is the rating of Umarkets?
The brokerage project does not meet high international standards at all. He’s stealing investments. The market player has earned $58,000, but it is not possible to withdraw this money. Over time, the employees changed the type of account, prohibiting trading in small lots. In the end, the account was lost due to the fault of the consultants.

Why is it not worth registering with the Umarkets system?

The exchange intermediary hides behind market trading, but does not provide real services. Umarkets representatives lure inexperienced beginners by promising them quick enrichment without special knowledge and skills. Naturally, all this is a standard scam, the creators of which enrich themselves on the losses of their investors. Employees do everything to reset the market player’s deposit to zero. If a trader tries to withdraw the balance, his order is blocked and the account is frozen.
The audit showed that Umarkets has been operating in the global market for a long time, but it does not have legal documents. All its activities boil down to deceiving gullible users. Given the extremely bad reputation of the office, we recommend refusing to cooperate with it.

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