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CMC Markets Brokerage Project: Will You Be Able to Make Money?

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The exchange intermediary CMC Markets has a bad reputation and is often accused of criminal fraud. This is a shady project that guarantees quality services but fails to provide them. In reality, the firm is engaging in a typical scam by promising get-rich-quick to its clients. It focuses exclusively on beginners, because experienced traders will quickly uncover the scam. In this article, we will describe how SCAM works and how it differs from bona fide brokers.
CMC Markets Trading Conditions

Features of the exchange intermediary

The company talks about its goal, which is to provide the ultimate trading experience. She is passionate about online trading, which is why she is constantly innovating and striving to improve the available ways of investing. Among its distinctive features, CMC Markets notes:

  1. Ensuring the tightest spreads. The client can trade at the best prices in the industry. The level of the spread depends on the selected financial asset and starts from 0.5 pips.
  2. Ample trading opportunities are provided. A market player has at his disposal currencies, stock indices, digital coins, stocks, funds, commodities and options.
  3. Intuitive platform. The groundbreaking system has extensive features and has won many awards.
  4. Ability to build dynamic diagrams. Comprehensive advanced charts help you better understand global markets. A trader receives numerous analysis tools. It has access to several types of charts, more than 115 technical indicators, and drawing tools. Pattern recognition is provided.
  5. Execution control. The client can monitor his orders, opening and closing positions at the most opportune time.
  6. Risk management. The market player gets advanced features that help minimize potential losses.

The company offers dedicated support and unique training materials. A registered client can use analytics from the best specialists of the project. The exchange intermediary vividly describes its advantages, but all these claims need to be verified. There are quite a lot of negative reviews on independent web portals that make you think about the honesty of the project.
CMC Markets Broker Trading Platform

CMC Markets Platform Description

The brokerage project offers to carry out transactions through the improved MetaTrader 4 terminal. The modified program has a unique theme and fixed layouts. All this makes using the platform even easier and more convenient. The company has improved navigation and menus. It has expanded the search and set of charts that bring technical analysis to a new professional level. The client has at his disposal multi-interval charts and full-screen mode.
Reviews about CMC Markets

What kind of reviews do they write about the company?

A market player talks about an unpleasant experience of cooperation. As soon as the person started making large profits, the company blocked the withdrawal of funds. The client’s account has been completely reset. The managers did not give any explanation.
Comment on the brokerage project
An exchange intermediary has opened a Russian-speaking support company that treats its customers terribly. It provides extremely poor service. Market players are faced with numerous inspections and incomprehensible questions. To start full-fledged cooperation, you need to pass an interview with a manager.
Complaints against CMC Markets
Merchants talk about the short experience of cooperation. They were not satisfied with the proposed conditions, inflated spreads, which widen even in a calm market. The terminal constantly freezes, not responding to client orders. Withdrawal takes an extremely long time. Market players talk about the loss of funds, nerves, and time. They traded normally on demo accounts, but with the transition to a real account, serious problems began.

The firm works on the principle of a Forex kitchen, but sometimes allows you to withdraw the rest of the funds. There are quite a lot of reviews on the Internet about how people were scammed, accounts were blocked.
CMC Markets Client Comments

Who Is CMC Markets Really?

A brokerage office does not correspond to the high status of an international broker at all. It promises quick payments, but in fact delays the procedure. Not all clients were able to return the start-up capital. The audit showed that CMC Markets does not provide quality services and is engaged in deception. In some cases, he blocks funds, in others, he tries to drain the client’s deposit due to high spreads. All this resembles a typical scam, and therefore we do not recommend contacting the project.

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