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The CryptoKG project invites the investor to enter a new era of crypto trading. It positions itself as a reliable partner that will provide large final earnings. At the moment, the company serves 140 countries and thousands of users. Traders from all over the world cooperate with it, paying attention to a secure system and absolute confidentiality. The official website of CryptoKG talks about the great prospects of cooperation, but these claims need to be verified. In today’s review, we will identify the real benefits of cooperation. The investor will find out what the company actually does and whether the money is worth investing.

CryptoKG Main Page

Features of the CryptoKG brokerage platform

The cryptokg.io talks about a reliable next-generation platform. This system is rich in functionality and is suitable for users of all experience levels. The client can sell and buy cryptographic currencies, earning on the difference in quotes. To start full-fledged trading activities, you need to register and replenish your starting capital. At the same time, we do not recommend making hasty decisions. Before cooperation, a thorough analysis of the project should be carried out. A check on a special service showed that the brokerage portal was created in May 2022. This is a relatively new office that only pretends to be an honest broker.

CryptoKG specs

CryptoKG’s innovative platform helps investors make the most effective and profitable decisions. It provides an excellent trading experience, allowing you to earn from pricing. The company provides its client with an accessible tokenized stock exchange terminal, where market players can freely buy and sell financial assets. The firm allows you to trade on an intuitive and reliable platform that is suitable for all traders. The CryptoKG working system is characterized by the following characteristics:

  1. Better customer service. Brand representatives claim that every market player matters. They provide high-quality support and problem solving in the shortest possible time. A stock exchange player can contact us on issues related to investing, trading or calculating risks.
  2. New markets. New commodities and securities are constantly appearing on world exchanges. The exchange intermediary closely monitors new products and provides access to the most popular financial assets.
  3. Analysis. A team of passionate specialists constantly observes price movements and the factors that affect them. Experts analyze the trading environment, drawing certain conclusions about the potential of investment products.
  4. Convenience. The company provides an opportunity for diversification of invested funds. It provides the client with first-class technological functionality, a high-quality risk control system, fast order execution, and an excellent interface.

Trading with CryptoKG

The intermediary CryptoKG names its mission, which is to achieve a leading position in global markets. By cooperating with this project, the trader allegedly receives a large selection of financial assets, high trading standards and the ability to invest from anywhere in the world. The terminal can be easily downloaded to any device, which allows you to make transactions away from home. At the same time, it is worth remembering that there are scammers in global markets. Not all brokerage companies work honestly and openly. Among them, there are often scammers who only hide under the mask of honest brokers. To identify a scam, it is enough to check its legal documents.


Options for cooperation with the project

CryptoKG has developed several tariff plans for clients with different start-up capital:

  • Silver is a tariff for beginners who are not ready for large investments. It allows you to start with a $500 deposit. The minimum investment period is 6 months, analytical reviews are sent daily by e-mail, leverage is provided at a ratio of 1:5.
  • Gold is an account for confident users that allows you to start from $5,000. Analyst consultations are held once a week and last a maximum of 15 minutes. The client receives one trading signal and one risk-free trade.
  • Platinum – starts with a replenishment of $25,000. Round-the-clock service is provided, the minimum investment period is 3 months. Consultations with analysts are available twice a week. Analytical reviews provide for the study of the history of the transaction, training programs cover general and specialized sections. For successful online trading, special assistance is provided. For algorithmic trading, one robot with programmed parameters can be used.
  • VIP – the minimum deposit is $100,000. A personal financial advisor is connected to the account, and the transactions sent by e-mail are analyzed. Leverage increases to a ratio of 1:10. For algorithmic trading, two robots are provided.
  • VIP+ is a tariff plan for qualified investors who are ready to deposit $500,000 or more. The client receives general and specialized assistance. The leverage is 1:20.
  • Dragon is the most profitable tariff, which starts with a $1 million top-up. The support service includes the assistance of a dedicated manager. The trader has 5 customizable robots at his disposal. The deposit in the savings account grows by 3% every month. Execution of orders on a priority basis. There is no commission for replenishment and withdrawal of funds.


The company guarantees equal service to all clients, however, depending on the chosen account, the trader can get access to premium services. The larger the start-up capital, the wider the potential of the investor. At the same time, we do not recommend rushing to replenish your brokerage account. Before depositing money, it is necessary to check the good faith of the company. If she is suspected of cheating, then it is better to stay away from a shady office.



Minimum Deposit





General & Specialized


Trading Signals



CryptoKG – Register or Opt Out?

The office has a bad reputation, and therefore we do not recommend cooperating with it. The audit showed that the company does not fulfill its obligations and does not withdraw money. She deceives the investor, telling about the great prospects for cooperation. In reality, the scammer takes away the invested capital and feeds his client with empty promises. Exchange players regret contacting CryptoKG.
They cannot repay the invested funds and pay off their debts. The fraudster does not own licenses, and therefore cannot carry out real transactions in world markets.

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