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Exchange intermediary Eurotrader declares the empowerment of traders around the world. It describes itself as a fully regulated and licensed broker that operates in the global forex market. The company provides free access to international exchanges and allows you to carry out transactions with a huge number of financial assets. In today’s article, we will tell you how the company works and what a registered client gets. After reading the review, the market player will be able to make an informed decision about cooperation with the project.
Eurotrader: Investments

What is interesting about the Eurotrader broker?

The Eurotrader brokerage project was created in 2018. Its founder advocates for financial inclusion and supports new traders by bringing trading transactions to international platforms. The firm prepares its market players by providing them with all the information they need to conduct profitable operations. A member of the brokerage system receives educational resources, ultra-fast execution, and low commissions.

The company talks about its mission, which is to provide a state-of-the-art, streamlined trading experience. It strives to expand the potential of its traders, regardless of the level of training. The vision of the brokerage project is to modernize the outdated landscape with the latest technologies that change the needs of modern traders.
Eurotrader Platform
Eurotrader shares its values that set it apart from other members of the industry:

  1. Transparency and reliability. Every transaction is completely safe and regulated. The company plays by international rules, creating a convenient platform for trading. Thanks to its experience, the broker’s team provides an opportunity for honest, responsible, and confident work.
  2. Curious and engaged. The company offers much more than a trading platform. She aims to create a community where everyone can share their experiences and learn how to make profitable deals. The exchange intermediary constantly offers training courses and expert knowledge.
  3. Exceptionally brave. The firm genuinely believes in empowering traders. She strives to provide all the knowledge you need to achieve professional success.

Eurotrader invites you to join a professional team. The exchange intermediary talks about the regulations and licenses that allow you to carry out profitable transactions on the interbank platform. Before starting a fruitful cooperation, a market player should carefully check the legal documents of his broker.
Advantages of Eurotrader

What trading conditions does the broker offer?

Eurotrader offers several account types for different professional levels and budgets. The cheapest tariff is “Micro”. It provides a deposit of 50 US dollars, and provides the opportunity to trade with zero commissions. The spread is about 1 pip, the minimum trade size is 10 lots. The trader receives a leverage of 1:500. The “Zero” account allows you to control your costs by choosing between zero commission and zero spreads. The minimum capital is $500. The most expensive “Hero” tariff allows you to start from 25,000 US units.

The exchange intermediary offers to carry out transactions on two popular platforms:

  • MetaTrader 4 is the most popular trading system that provides excellent functionality. The market player gets an easy-to-use interface, high flexibility, and ultra-fast execution. It can work with basic charting tools and graphical objects. Several order types are provided with real-time trading alerts.
  • MetaTrader 5 is a platform designed for universal traders. It provides broad access to global markets and analytical tools. The company’s client can use the Depth of Market, the built-in economic calendar, and updated charting tools. It has access to additional timeframes and six types of pending orders. Hedging and netting are allowed.

Eurotrader offers to use the platform to copy trades. A special system allows you to choose a manager and connect to a proven strategy. The program can be easily downloaded to a personal computer or phone, providing free access to the markets. The platform automatically copies the trades of the selected player, while the investor only has to observe the process. Before using this service, a trader should carefully check his broker.
Making Money with Eurotrader

Conclusion: Will it be possible to make money with Eurotrader?

A review of customer reviews showed that the firm is engaged in a real scam. Employees of the fraudulent project call a potential client, telling them about a good way to make money. Deceived clients take a loan from microcredit organizations and invest all the money in a brokerage project. Having replenished the account, they cannot make transactions in the interbank market. The check made it clear that Eurotrader does not provide any services by deceiving gullible investors.

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