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In today’s article, we will look at the ECN Broker project. This is a brokerage company that guarantees the quick withdrawal of orders to the international market. She considers the active use of ECN technologies to be her important advantage. By trading on this platform, the trader allegedly gains direct access to global exchanges. The firm describes attractive terms of cooperation, but before making an informed decision, it is necessary to make a thorough review.
Биржевой посредник ECN Broker

What are the features of a brokerage company?

ECN Broker calls itself a team of enthusiasts and traders who believe in personal financial freedom for everyone. They have been operating in the global market since 2015 and are constantly improving their commercial offers. Every registered client can get advanced market tools. The team is working to create a transparent and honest business environment. It aims to eliminate any boundaries between the trader and the market.
The company provides instant interaction with liquidity providers. Transactions can be carried out literally from anywhere in the world. A trader can independently make key decisions or follow proven successful strategies. The client receives at his disposal effective financial instruments that have been tested by leading specialists. Every day, the project makes millions of trades, providing its user with high liquidity and the best prices.
ECN Broker Trading Conditions

What conditions does the project offer?

On its web portal, the company describes the professional selection of trading instruments. A market player has at his disposal hundreds of stocks, currency pairs, cryptographic currencies, funds, and commodities. Each trader can choose the investment products that will optimally complement his portfolio.
ECN Broker has developed three pricing plans:

  • Mini account is suitable for beginners with a small start-up capital. A stock player can start with a $1 deposit. Market execution of orders, floating spreads from 2.5 pips are provided. There is no trading commission and the leverage is 1:1000. The client can enjoy reduced margin requirements.
  • Fix is a tariff plan for medium-term traders and experienced investors. The spread is fixed at the level of 3 pips, and instant execution of orders is ensured.
  • ECN account is suitable for advanced traders. Spreads from 0 pips, commission at $4 per lot.

The firm offers to use a demo account. This is an account that does not provide an entry fee and allows you to test the platform in a completely safe mode. To start trading, you just need to fill out a questionnaire and enter your personal data. The trader should understand that this information can be used by brand representatives for their own purposes.
ECN Broker Affiliate Programs

Terms and Conditions of Affiliate Programs

Representatives of the ECN Broker brand promise large payouts to their partners. A member of the program can receive up to 90% of the brokerage income. The company does not set any limits on payouts. The partner’s profit depends entirely on the activity of his referrals. Payment is provided for each individual transaction. A market player can count on payouts from bonus funds.
A partner can build a three-level network and receive passive income. The company claims that its remuneration rates are among the highest. You can get $20 from each trading lot. The partner’s reward is instantly credited to the account and verified through the personal account. The program participant can monitor their progress thanks to the user-friendly program.
The advantages of affiliate programs are colorfully described on the website of the exchange intermediary. The firm convinces its client that it is possible to make good money by attracting new investors. At the same time, a global market participant should be aware of the associated risks and be careful when choosing a brokerage company. Before starting full-fledged cooperation, it is necessary to make sure that the project is not engaged in criminal fraud.
Client Testimonials about ECN Broker

What reviews are published about ECN Broker?

Most of the comments from market players are positive. They talk about a normal broker that offers tight spreads and decent trading conditions. Among the disadvantages, they note a short period of work. Some traders managed to make a profit in the ECN Broker brokerage system.
ECN Broker Client Comments
The exchange intermediary regularly updates its terminal, making it more advanced from a technical point of view. Clients believe that many traders will be trading through this platform in the near future. The company leaves a positive impression on merchants. The conditions on the website are mediocre, but in practice, trading is very convenient. Market players are pleased with the affiliate program, which provides good payouts.
Comment on ECN Broker
Some users believe that the brokerage firm has little to no drawbacks. It provides favorable trading conditions and impeccable tools.
Complaint against ECN Broker
Despite a fairly good reputation, there are also negative comments on the Internet. Market players consider ECN Broker to be a scam. They managed to get the money back through a special procedure.

Is it worth investing in an ECN Broker?

Traders often post positive comments about the project’s activities. They note high-quality services, advanced platforms, and good customer service. On independent resources, you can find accusations of fraud. Some users point out that the ECN Broker office does not allow you to withdraw your starting capital.
It is worth noting that the brokerage project does not demonstrate its licenses, and therefore a careful observer may have doubts about its honesty. The company operates through a template web portal that describes cutting-edge services and the best service. Before cooperating with a project, a market player should carefully analyze the available information and check reviews on different websites.

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