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There are many dubious projects in the international market, and today we are going to look at one of them – Freetrade. It is a foreign company that offers brokerage services in an attempt to attract market players of different professional levels. It describes quality service, but can these words be trusted? In today’s article, we will look at the main characteristics of the project and find out the true motives of its creators.
How Does Freetrade Work?

Information about the exchange intermediary

Freetrade states that its mobile app has won numerous awards. At the moment, the system is used by more than 1 million traders. The mission of the project is to attract new players. It makes investing easier and more accessible. The company’s employees strive to break down barriers and open the way to global markets. They have created a simple and transparent pricing model that is at the heart of the award-winning app.

The company notes that its customers receive premium features that are essential to succeed in global markets. Cutting-edge developments allow us to create a sustainable business model that leads to the intended goals. The company does not charge any commission for the trades made. It removes financial barriers to investment. The exchange intermediary declares its commitment to fair and transparent pricing.
Information about the exchange intermediary

How do market trades work?

All new customers are prompted to choose a suitable tariff plan. Freetrade provides three accounts to choose from:

  • Basic – provides free maintenance. The tariff allows you to invest using various orders without commissions. At the same time, the company warns that the client may be charged other fees.
  • Standard – the trader will have to pay £5.99 per month for the service. The market player receives advanced functionality and a full range of promotions. Accruals on free funds in the amount of 1% per annum are provided. A trader can use automated orders.
  • Plus, the cost of monthly maintenance is £11.99. A trader can earn 3% per annum on the storage of funds. The company provides a self-invested personal pension.

On the official website of the exchange intermediary, you can find a full list of fees. Before replenishing the deposit, you should study the brand’s commercial offers in detail. It is worth noting that some invoices provide a service fee. A trader should take a closer look at the reputation of the brand and determine its integrity.
Freetrade Pricing Plan

Freetrade Shared Investment Account

The broker allows you to start making trades as little as £2. A Shared Investment Account is a special account that allows you to hold securities without paying huge tax fees. The company provides a one-stop shop where you can buy or sell financial assets. A trader is able to manage his portfolio from anywhere in the world.

The main advantage of this investment account is that there are no restrictions. A market player can invest any amount and start getting rich in the financial markets. A flexible account provides a wide range of investment assets to choose from. This tariff plan allows you to avoid large tax deductions. The trader only has to pay tax on capital gains and dividends. The customer can enjoy friendly technical support that always stays in touch. It is provided with the company’s unique platform, providing a quick purchase or sale of financial assets.
Freetrade investment account

What kind of training does the company offer?

Freetrade provides its clients with a glossary of terms. It publishes basic concepts that will be useful to every market player. Specialists carry out market analysis and share the results with ordinary traders. The trader receives an IPO calendar and a list of the most traded stocks. With useful knowledge, he can create the right strategy and start working effectively in global markets.
What kind of training does Freetrade offer?

Opinion on Freetrade: Traders’ Comments

Traders complain about the brokerage system’s poor update. There are constant delays in it. Payments are received, but they are also not very fast. The account is charged on a regular basis. Trading conditions are far from ideal. Traders try to get through to the administration, informing them about problems in the financial control system. Among the positive aspects, they note real earnings and responsive technical support.
Opinion about Freetrade
The company occupies very low places in the ratings. There are a lot of contradictory reviews online. At the beginning of cooperation, the broker offers some conditions, but then abruptly changes them without explaining the reasons. In this regard, market players immediately lose confidence in the project.
Will it be possible to make money with Freetrade?

Conclusion: Will it be possible to make money with Freetrade?

Apparently, the company in question is not engaged in criminal fraud and does not steal other people’s funds. At the same time, it does not provide the most comfortable conditions and changes them at its own discretion. Whether to trust such companies or not is the decision of each individual trader. The review showed that Freetrade makes payouts, but you have to wait several weeks to receive the funds.

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